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Free Cloud Services for Developers and Everyone


There are many cloud services that are free or provide cheap solutions you can use for personal and business use, as not all are created equal.

We have discovered a list of 43 of the most ideal no cost cloud services   for application developers or those who are new and may want to try to  a cloud service.

Some of the solutions are already recognized by users from a variety of fields; such as Google Analytics. There are solutions for issue tracking, web analytics, load testing, source code management and many other processes.

Cloud is classified as a technological breakthrough that more individuals and companies are starting to use. Many from the old school,  used to refer to this terminology as virtual processes, which  has been renamed the new  sexy buzz word “Cloud”.  In many ways, people seem to understand the word cloud verses virtual and feel more comfortable with using virtual processes more than they ever . It has been proven to a be cost effective solution for many organizations who do not want to host servers and programs at their own physical location. 

 The cloud is a way to send and store documents, media, programs over the internet, the same way you would store information on your computer’s hard drive. 

Many varying individuals use it for a vast variety of benefits. It may be  used for privately use to allow easy accessibility of your material from  documents, pictures, backup programs, or any items that are normally store on your computer.   

How this can be useful  is  the transfer and syncing of information, so that there is less duplication and searching for documents and information while being mobile. For an example, you could use the cloud to save a file and connect to it from your tablet, mobile phone and laptop without the use of a flash drive.

With these services,  you can compare and or use a variety of personal use suppliers, including  folks such as MSN or Google who also offer free cloud services such as Skydrive and G-Drive  for storing information and have strict security measures.

 In enterprise use, it is a productive resource for organizations to share content between employees, instead of using a server that can be expensive to set up for information storage. It is specifically advantageous for employees at different working locations who are collaborating on a project together. 

Application developers are one group of individuals that uses free cloud services like these pretty often to share a multitude of material. Most developers have an area of focus, regardless if it is mobile apps or company related e-commerce applications.

In case you missed it, the best part of this list is that they are all entirely free.

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Intro to Google Apps, free cloud apps for productivity.

Introduction to Google Apps

Google Apps is a collection of cloud applications which is hosted on Google’s servers.  The most popular apps are Gmail and Google Docs which are both free and another bonus feature  is Google Drive, which is similar to Drop Box and is also free.  Other applications can be easily purchased from the Google Apps Marketplace which has hundreds of inexpensive business solutions for productivity, project management, collaboration and more. Most of the apps allow you to try for free or with limited features and are rated by others who have used the applications. Later on, I will discuss several of the paid apps. In the meantime, let’s look at the benefits of using Google Apps for your business.

Read more »


Time-Saving Apps for Your Mobile Phone

There is absolutely no doubt that we live in a fast-paced world. Jobs and family responsibilities are extremely challenging to juggle nowadays. At times, it feels like there is so much stuff to do with so little time. It is only now that realize that the saying “time is gold” is indeed true.

There are only 24 precious hours in a single day – no more, no less.  A magical 25th hour would not just pop out of the blue.  The obvious solution to the time problem is proper time management. It helps in increasing productivity and creating the badly needed “extra time.” It allows you to make the most out of your time.  Read more »


How Mobile School Apps Help Teachers and Students

Technology has brought us a lot of good things. It has a huge impact on our daily lives whether we like it or not. Science has helped us communicate better, eat better and improve every aspect of our lives. Unless you live in a rock, you might have noticed that most of the television sets are now bigger, all household appliances are digital and laptops are powerful and even lighter.

Nowadays, phones are really “smarter.” That is why mobile apps have become really popular and in demand. Mobile apps can be used by virtually anyone – business professionals, students and even children.  Read more »


How Apps Increase Productivity in the Workplace or Business

As more people are starting to use apps, they realize that the benefits are better and more useful than mobile websites when it comes to the workplace or managing a business.

While mobile websites are more or less a smaller version of a website, to build a mobile app is much more comprehensive on a smartphone with its features and functionality. It is a known fact that mobile apps increase productivity in the workplace as well as the entire business process scenario. There are various reasons why you should get your own business app and an operations app if you want to see yourself growing in your business. Read more »


How to Save Money Using Mobile Apps

Betty Penny. Mobile App Builder and Consultant


Smartphones were not built for just taking calls or playing Angry Birds. Our phones were made for something greater. You can use your mobile phones to look for the best deals at great prices. Up to date, there are a lot of mobile apps which can help organize our finances and track spending. Using money-saving mobile applications is a very smart way to save your hard-earned money! Here are just some of the few of the best money-saving apps that are available. It is possible to save thousands of dollars just by downloading these.


Price comparison apps let you compare prices from various retailers. Instead of checking each store for prices, you can do it using your mobile phone. Amazon’s Price Check is a wonderful price comparison mobile app. Red Laser by eBay is another great choice. Aside from getting the new prices, you can also look at product descriptions and reviews.   Read more »


How QR Codes are Used in the Tourism and Retail Industry

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode used by myriads of profit and non-profit organizations worldwide. If you are wondering what QR means, the letters stand for Quick Response because of the codes quick readability.  By combining QR codes and linking to your own custom mobile app, it provides a very powerful marketing tool that can bring you additional business. These codes were originally designed exclusively for the automotive industry to track vehicles and automotive parts. Since the codes are very easy to use and hold a larger storage capacity, it has gained popularity outside the auto industry.  Read more »


Must-Have Mobile Apps for Freelancers

The number of freelancers are on the rise. Freelancing is common in the fields of journalism, web design and media. In this modern time, you can even see a lot of IT professionals doing freelance work. Because of the flexibility in time that it offers, freelancing has attracted a lot of working mothers. It has also appealed to those who are sick of the 9 to 5 office job.

To become a successful freelancer, one needs to be disciplined and highly motivated. Although, they do not work at a fixed time, they have a tight schedule most of the time. Read more »

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