QR Codes – How Will that Help My Business?

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The Quick Response (QR) is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that can be read by smart phones, QR readers and webcam-equipped computers. It consists of several black modules that are arranged in a square pattern with a white background. The information encoded in these black modules may be URL, text or other data.
The QR code is widely used in Japan, where it was created in 1994 by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. It is considered the most popular type of two-dimensional barcode and was purposely designed to allow high speed decoding of data. Though QR codes are becoming popular on many products and advertisements, a lot of people still do not know what the dark modules stand for.
These two-dimensional matrix barcodes require special QR barcode readers to decode the data in them. Though they were created several years ago, their use in many products just started recently and this revolutionized technology may still become popular in the near future. Since QR codes have high data storage capacity and provide more advantages than linear barcodes, a lot of business owners use them. Furthermore, here are some of the benefits that a business owner can get from QR codes:
1. QR codes may be read anywhere and anytime using mobile phones. This makes them the data in them easy to decode. They also offer convenience because you do not need high end scanners to decode data.
2. QR codes are becoming popular. Though they were developed more than a decade ago in order to meet the demand of the inventory control in Japan, a lot of European countries and American cities start using this technology.
3. QR codes offer multiple uses. They offer simple access and won’t require you to type anything. With this technology, you may be able to dial telephone numbers, send messages and emails, see images and text, and visit websites.
The use of QR codes has spread like a wild fire in many industries as they bring convenience and many benefits. With the existing technology that we have, here are some of the common uses of QR codes:
QR Codes and Social Networking Sites
These codes may be generated and linked to several social networking sites like Facebook. They provide ease in sharing of identities.
QR Codes and QR Code Application Readers
There are several applications that can read QR codes. These applications may be downloaded directly to your iPhone, Blackberry or any Smartphone. Most of these applications may be downloaded for free.
QR Codes and Advertising Prospects
QR codes may be used to advertise in the fashion and jewel industry. In fact some business owners provide advertisements and offer promos and discounts using QR codes. They may be saved in the mobile phone which may serve as future reference both to the business owner and customer.
QR Codes and the Hospitality Segment Industry
These codes give positive results because of easy accessibility. They are seen in many locations which make them easier to identify. Some restaurants even use QR codes in their menus to provide their customers further details about the dish.
QR Codes and the Retail Industry
QR codes provide convenience in inventory management and purchasing. Some movie theaters allow mobile phone bookings and the ticket is sent through a QR code. Once scanned, it allows the person to enter the movie house.

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